Friday, November 16, 2018

Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For - Business Edition

As we approach another holiday season, I think it’s always a good idea to reflect on that for which we are most grateful.  But  I also think its high time we gave thanks to all those terms, events and people that have become so meaningful in our workaday lives.


Here goes.

I’m thankful for……
  • The millions upon millions of dollars my emails have told me I’ve won or inherited 
  • Acronyms such as RFP, CPM, CPC, PPC, URL, SEO, and CTR so I don’t have to remember how to spell out words
  •  Deleting SPAM – which allows me to turn a 2-minute break into a 2-hour one
  •  No one cares about grammer any more
  •  … Or how to spell grammar
  • Any place with no internet connection
  •  Whoever came up with the word, “Blog.”
  •  Anyone who can provide me with Google’s  latest algorithm
  • Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, so that we don’t only have to talk about Donald Trump
  •  Law firms…because I like to eat

Have any others?  Let me know!

In the meantime…

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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